Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yet another impersonal post, about software!

I generally don't like regurgitating other people's "content," so to speak. That said, I'm happily re-reporting on more updates and add-ons to a program you may have seen before. "John's Background Switcher" is a free Windows-only program that does only as named; its not "John's Expensive Program That May Or May Not Work" or "John's Bloated Spyware Memory Hog."

It uses about as much memory on my laptop as Thunderbird does (although I have 2GB of RAM), and really does work, for free. Beyond even the novelty of a program changing your background on your terms, it can not only use local pictures and local folders (this is how you can use the really nifty choices - more later), but suck in photo albums, or tagged photos from flickr (top 10 cute pictures of Nadja or Romana), picasa, and yahoo among others.

Besides just displaying an image on the desktop, and switching it
for you, when you select a local folder the nifty features I mentioned appear: the ability to create a "snapshot scrapbook," a "four-picture montage," and "thumbnail mosaic."
It can also stretch, center, scale, and over-scale pictures (just select them all and right-click) for your local resolution.

Best of all, its fairly intuitive (did I mention FREE?), and clean-looking, and lightweight.

It makes me want to up the delay of the cool screensaver I was all excited about a few weeks ago. Confession: I put it on all the computers at work. :/


MissHum22 said...

Top TEN? How do you only choose TEN??? ha ha

Anonymous said...

That's just wacKy!

Darin said...

The primary monitor of two monitors at work has had the same image on it for the last four years straight. I do change up the secondary with picks of the girls every few months. Thanks Nvidia!

Mike said...


This can actually stretch one over multiple if you had a sweet widescreen picture it could stretch over 3+ monitors. Not that I have such a dreamy setup...sigh.

It bores me to death that so many of our lab computers have had the same background out of sheer laziness....