Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tidbit + music

After watching Ché sway and swoon to tunes at the lunch we ate today, we came to an exciting decision.

I will promise that before I die, people everywhere will loathe the phrase "Toddler Interpretive Dance," and that our DVDs (Vol. 7 now in prep) will sell better than Baby Einstein. Now where can I get my hands on some children and a camcorder.....

Boy that last sentence sounds like a invitation from "To Catch A Predator."

How is it that daycare centers don't do this already? Screw the Christmas production, throw up some 2-3 year olds swaying on a stage to "Welcome to the Jungle!" My bet is that in 3.5 minutes one kid will be already crying from being accidentally somersaulted on....

What I'm listening to (over and over, via a very very long battery life!):

Oh yeah, one more thing. Thanks to AJ, a recent grad working in our lab, I now know the joy that is the Drive-By Truckers' 2006 album: A Blessing And A Curse. Wow what a great band. Occasional distortion, but boy great Southern rock, mixed with what CCR might sound like in this century (see "Gravity's Gone").
Not too many bands can write a beautiful song about a boy wondering about his deceased older sister (that he never met), but "Little Bonnie" is gorgeous. Other standouts are: "Daylight," the best showcase of the main singer's vocal range, and the closer "A World of Hurt," a sullen look at how life will always keep you from dodging the inevitable - losing integral parts of your family. With all of that though, he can still confess, "Its great to be alive." How did I ever miss these guys? I'm really slipping.

I like Man Man a lot too. Let's just say that their song "Werewolf (try and make sense of that!)" is the reason I can be found constantly singing in a low voice:
"Yer a diamond in the rough, baby
A werewolf on the hood of your heartbreak
Yer a diamond in the rough, baby
A werewolf on the prowl, come and save me"
  • It then goes on after this 3:00 or so, with sounds of a (what can only be a) beach, waves, and something vaguely gullish. It finally clocks in at over 10+ minutes.
"Van Helsing Boombox (skip to 1:20 in)" is without question, their best song. Did I mention these guys are just a tad insane? Wonder-mous pornstaches abound!
But, more about that song another time.

/off to keep up the "busy" that we require this weekend. Ew, I know? You're like totally grossed out, no doubt! Scrub your mind of the mental image of glorious me! You're welcome!

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Youtube Mike, Youtube..throw the clips up there aNd you will start the trend.