Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mustaches for Kids!

  • Well well, I'm a terrible poster. But if you manage to stifle your murderous rage at my lack of posts, I am a grower (keep reading!).
  • And of course a lot has happened in the times since I last spoke to my wide audience of maybe four (love you dear/all). Thanks to my wife for helping make those awesome buttons.
  • Therefore I interrupt my lack of posting for a plea of your hard-earned Lincolns (see right).

Anywho, the organization that we're pseudo-participating in is called, creatively enough: Mustaches for Kids. We're operating on the outside this year, to see how well we can do, then perhaps we'll join next year as a formal chapter. Here's my friend Konrad's description of what we're

Hi all,
Next week (Nov. 17th, 2008), many brave gentlemen in the Department of Biological Sciences at Notre Dame (and indeed others across the country) will be shaving it all off, for the kids. We have decided to participate in Mustaches for Kids, a nationwide effort to raise money for children’s charities. Participants in this noble cause will be growing sweet ‘staches for a 4 week period, and collecting donations for local charities. Think of it like a fun run of facial hair. This year, our charity partner will be Big Brothers Big Sisters (of South Bend, IN).

We will also have a big ‘Stache Bash at the end of the semester, which will include a Mustache Competition (which will probably be a cross of a beauty pageant, dog show, and police lineup). I’ll hopefully be going for most funds raised and sweetest ‘stache (and hopefully not worst ‘stache!) If you’d like some more information (or just to confirm that this is for real, and not just a bunch of weirdos growing mustaches and stealing your money), please check out

That’s about all for now. In the coming weeks, please ask me about my mustache, how the fundraising is going, and (hopefully!) what you can do to help. I look forward to sharing my facial hair adventures with all of you in the coming weeks. Take care.


So you see, it is real. I have already given in, and shaved it all off. Personally, its the first time I've been completely clean-shaven since 1996-1997 (egads I'm old!). Its a sacrifice, indeed, as winter is most certainly here. Why its not beards for kids is beyond me...I guess its just our manly sacrifice. It really is a nationwide effort, so grow with me!

(dough + nate!)

Finally, I leave you with one final frightening image that will haunt your dreams (scroll at your own risk). If you don't donate, I'll hunt you down, and show you this face! Albeit, with a freshly grown, sweet mustache of course.

By the way, this was pre-full-shave, post-beard destruction. My attempt at a three musketeers / french-kinda thingie. Sigh, boy is my nose not straight (Mike + diving board *attempted leg tuck = Billy Joel Nose).